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Kindle will be getting Harry Potter ebooks after all

Earlier today I worked my way through a valid (but completely wrong) argument how we didn’t know for sure that the kindle would get Harry Potter ebooks. Amazon noted my lunacy post and sent around a clarification.

We’re working closely with Pottermore to make sure Kindle customers will be able to buy and read J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

There are times where I will be embarrassed when caught out as being wrong, but not today. I was gloriously wrong, and I will revel in that fact.

My glorious error was based on credible evidence; other blogs such as Gizmodo and ZDNet simply misread the Google post. And besides,  I knew I was probably wrong the entire time I wrote that post and I even said so. I’m quite happy to raise a question and be told the answer I was hoping for.

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Marion Hunter December 19, 2011 um 4:58 am

I am SO disappointed as my 9 yr old grandson said that he would love to have a Kindle with the whole series of Harry Potter on it for Christmas/Birthday {31st December}
I decided to let him have his dream, I have bought the Kindle and now I can’t get the books.
What a let down. Some friends are critical of Amazon having the monopoly on Kindle books but not this time.
He reads a lot. Any other suggestions for a 9year old boy?

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