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Kno now using videos to enhance their iPad app (video)

Guess what the digital textbook maker Kno announced today? They’ve added a couple features to their iPad app and one of them is called Smart Links. Students can now watch a selection of Youtube videos that are related to the topic of each chapter of a textbook. Kno are using videos from the Khan Academy, which are hosted on Youtube. (You can see a demo of this at the end of the post.)

Gee, why does this sound familiar?

About 3 months ago I wrote a post which talked about how someone could use videos from sites such as the Khan Academy and use them to make enhanced textbooks.

I’m not going to claim to have come up with the original idea (it was rather obvious), but I will take this as validation that I was right. Anyway, the real goal here is to make a better textbook for students, not to keep score (the latter is more fun, though).

smart links from Kno on Vimeo.

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