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Kobo Aura One is Back in Stock, Signalling 3 More Weeks of Winter

Kobo’s newest and largest ereader is making a brief public appearance on the Kobo website today. The celebrity will not be taking questions from the press or signing photos for fans.

Seriously, folks, this device is out of stock so often that it is quickly achieving the status of a reclusive movie star, with every brief glimpse making headline news.

If you want one, act fast.

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Chris Ridd March 3, 2017 um 2:47 pm

Another Kobo staffer brings back another suitcase filled with KA1s from his trip to Taiwan. "We have stock!" 🙂

Nate Hoffelder March 3, 2017 um 3:36 pm


BDR March 7, 2017 um 6:45 pm

Out of stock, again, in the Kobo US store. Indigo has had them all along so I finally decided to order one from there. Having had a horror story ordering from the Canadian Kobo store before, I’m not holding my breath that it’ll actually get here by the March 28th claimed arrival date, if at all.

Sergio Roberto de Souza June 6, 2017 um 11:22 am

Will this come to Brazil one day?

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