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Kobo Aura One: Comics, PDFs, And Its Guts (video)

getting mike cane's goat is funThere were three burning questions about the Kobo Aura One when it launched: how the night reading mode worked, Overdrive integration, and whether the Aura One had an internal microSD card slot.

I answered two of those questions within days of the Aura one’s launch a couple weeks back, and today I can answer the third.

A new review video by the Italian-language blog reveals that the Aura One does not have that internal microSD card slot.

This is going to disappoint potential Aura One owners who feel that the 8GB storage on the device simply is not enough. I can understand how they feel; the Aura One has an 7.8″ screen which could be great for PDFs and comics – if not for the fact that PDFs will fill up that 8GB fast.

Then again, I have found (and other reviewers concur) that the Aura One is frustratingly slow at both opening a PDF and turning the page in PDFs, so I don’t think the lack of storage is as much of a problem as it could be.


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Muratcan Simsek August 31, 2016 um 3:49 am

My manga archive is sad =(

Still, 8GB is more than enough for read&delete.

Feda August 31, 2016 um 7:32 am

All these e-readers are too underpowered for anything other than text based ebooks. Until they start loading these with proper amounts of RAM and much faster processors, ereaders for comics, drawings and similar applications will remain a pipe dream.

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Tony Butka August 31, 2016 um 4:17 pm

It’s too bad that the device isn’t good for PDF files, but that’s why I have an 8″ ASUS ZenPad with 4GB Ram and a micro SD slot. I am more interested in having an 8″ ebook reader with 300 dpi, so I can cut the cord to Amazon.

BDR September 1, 2016 um 6:52 pm

E-Ink ereaders are, in fact, perfectly capable platforms for PDF’s, as long as they have adequate reading software. While neither Kobo nor Kindle offer such, KoReader does AND it is freely available for Kobo devices. The KoReader developer is very responsive — providing nightly updates multiple times per month — so I expect that the Aura One will soon be supported, too, if it isn’t already.

If you’ve got a Kobo (or an older Kindle; Amazon disabled KoReader in newer firmware versions), you really should give KoReader a try.

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