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Kobo Clara HD, Kobo Aura 2 on Sale at Walmart for $99, $79

Walmart has been relatively passive since inking a deal to sell Kobo ereaders in its stores, but today they showed signs of life.

They have put two of the three Kobo ereader models they carryon sale today for $20 to $30 off. The Kobo Clara HD is now selling for $99, and the Kobo Aura 2 for $79.

Both models ship for free, they both run the same software on identical CPUs, and they even have similar touchscreens and color-changing frontlights.

The one key difference between the two ereaders is that the Clara HD has twice the storage (8GB) and a higher resolutions screen (300 ppi vs 212 ppi on the Kobo Aura 2). The Clara HD is also a little lighter and has more options for controlling the frontlight.

Given that it’s only $20 more, you’re better off getting the Clara HD. On the other hand, the Aura 2 is marked as clearance, so it might be worth waiting to see what device Kobo will be launching next.


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