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Kobo now selling newspaper, magazine subscriptions

I just heard over Twitter that the News Stand section of the Kobo ebookstore is now live. You can choose from 27 magazines and newspapers with prices ranging from $19.99 (NYTimes) to $1.49 (PC Magazine, The Nation). Kobo are also offering a free 2 week trial subscription.

The process doesn’t seem to have all the bugs out yet. You’re supposed to be able to download to the Kobo Desktop, but I can’t.

Fortunately, it’s working on my iPod Touch. I got a trial sub to the NYTimes. It’s rather nice. The ebook is well organized and easy to navigate. Of course, I wouldn’t pay $20 for content I’m now getting for free, but that’s another matter.

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Jordan Christensen October 27, 2010 um 12:30 pm

The desktop app is not currently supported for Kobo Newsstand, with the exception of using it to sync to your Kobo Wireless Reader. We are working to add it to the Desktop and original Kobo Reader, but don’t have a specific date yet.

Nate the great October 27, 2010 um 12:32 pm

Ah. That explains it.

BTW, your instructions don’t say that. They also don’t mention that this is for the Kobo Wifi only.

Zigwalski October 27, 2010 um 4:58 pm

This is from the e-mail they just sent me. It works with iPhone or iPad….


• Delivered at the same time the paper copy hits the newsstand
• Available for your iPad, iPhone, and Kobo Wireless eReader
• A great selecton of local and national newspapers
• Choose from world class publications in Business, Lifestyle, Literature,
• Politics…and more!
• New publications being added each week!

Ken January 19, 2014 um 5:55 pm

Its been 3 years what are the plans to allow magazines to be read on the desktop version?

Ayo July 5, 2011 um 10:15 pm

Last week I bought a kobo touch, then exchanged it for another when it would not download my magazine trials. The new unit also would not download magazines. Nor could I read the magazines on my kobo desktop. After hours in the Borders store with a "kobo specialist", still no luck. Kobo telephone and online assistance was absolutely no help. They would not even address the problem. I returned the unit for a full refund.

Mothball July 29, 2011 um 6:49 pm

it’s still not working! July 29 2011.

plessor October 30, 2010 um 1:21 am

Kobo has chosen not to support buyers of their first eReader. When they began sales of the unit earlier this year they promised users would be able to subscibe and read newspapers and magazines by May 28. After that date they promised mid-summer. Well after that deadline, while still selling the first reader, they introduced an updated reader, shortly after they announced newspaper and magazine were available. Owners of the first reader found that after signing up for subscriptions that their readers can not access newspapers or magazines. Kobo had been misleading them for months.
Kobo has not been able to provide magazines or newspapers for the old reader. It would appear all their resources have gone to having a new reader ready for the Christmas season. Wonder how long they will support that unit.

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