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Kobo Officially Launches the Touch 2.0 eReader

Last week’s leak may have let the cat out of the bag, but Kobo is making the best of situation. This Toronto-based ebook company has just announced its second new ereader for the year.

The Kobo Touch 2.0 updates the four-year-old Kobo Touch ereader with more storage, longer battery life, a faster CPU, and a lower price.

It has a 1GHz CPU, 4GB storage, and Wifi, but no audio or card slot. Its 6″ screen sports a resolution of 800 x 600 and an IR touchscreen, but there is no frontlight.

In short, this ereader was built to be a competitor to the (basic) Kindle, and it has a price to match. The Kobo Touch 2.0 will be available on 9 September in the US and Canada, and will retail for $89.99.

The device will also be sold internationally:

  • Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Mexico: late September
  • France, Spain and Germany: October
  • Other countries: Later this year and early 2016

The Kobo Touch 2.0 splits the difference between the $79/$99 price for the budget Kindle, but is it a good value?

I don’t think so. Instead, I would recommend that you get the Kobo Glo HD instead. That device costs only $40 more, and yet it has a much sharper screen and a frontlight.

I wasn’t too happy with the Kobo Glo HD, but I still think it’s a better value than the $89 Kobo Touch 2.0. The better hardware justifies the slightly higher price tag.


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Feda September 1, 2015 um 12:03 pm

Wouldn’t the Boyue devices be better?

Nate Hoffelder September 1, 2015 um 12:03 pm

I was thinking that someone looking at a Kobo would choose between two Kobo models.

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Paul September 1, 2015 um 2:07 pm

wouldn’t the paperwhite be better value?

Nate Hoffelder September 1, 2015 um 3:03 pm

If you’re going to get a Kindle, yes.

erf September 1, 2015 um 3:30 pm

Looks like a step backbards. Basically the old Touch minus the memory card slot. OK, a different design perhaps (and a faster CPU?), but nothing at all to be excited about, unless the price has deliberately been set unrealistically high in order to have room for promotional offers as soon as people are shopping for gifts.

erf September 1, 2015 um 3:45 pm

I wonder, if the Touch 2.0’s and the Glo HD’s backside covers are mutually exchangable. It’s a pity, that Kobo’s later devices didn’t come with exchangeable covers like they existed for the Glo, Mini and Arc.

iujfbn September 3, 2015 um 11:11 am

Apparently, Kobo has meanwhile announced a price of 90 EUR in Germany, which is absolutely ridiculous, considering that Amazon still sells the 6th generation Paperwhite for 99 EUR and PocketBook’s Touch Lux 3 is sold for 99 EUR. Not to mention Kobo’s own Aura, which is also sold for 99 EUR or less.

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