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Kobo Partners With a Book Translation Service

Kobo has partnered with a translation service  to procure Kobo Writing Life authors a discount.

Kobo Writing Life is excited to introduce Translation to the array of services we offer our authors! We’ve partnered with Language+ Literary Translations, a team of experienced translators who specialize in literary genres. Language+ Literary Translations will offer a special discount to Kobo Writing Life authors as part of our partnership.

Creating foreign editions of your titles can help you reach new readers around the world, as many foreign markets continue to grow and global readers adapt to digital reading.

The terms offered by L+L are not clearly disclosed on their site, but I did notice that the promises made in the announcement do not line up with what L+L says in their FAQ. (For example, the announcement says two translators will work on each project, but the FAQ  says only one.)

There is enough left unsaid here that caution is warranted.

TBH, I think authors would be better off selling the foreign language rights to local publishers. Those publisher will have several advantages that authors can’t match. They’ll know their market and will have a financial incentive to invest in promoting the book. Authors, on the other hand, will be working in a language they don’t understand.

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