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Kobo to Announce a Partnership with Brazilian Media Retailer Livraria Cultura Later Today

Here’s an interesting rumor. I’ve just heard via the Portuguese speaking part of  Twitter that  Kobo is right now holding a press conference in Brazil. According to my source, Kobo is indeed announcing the partnership with Livraria Cultura that I uncovered last week.

I still cannot find any confirmation of this rumor, but my source has said that her newspaper has sent someone to the press event – which is still going on at this time. And since I already had that story last week, I’m going to go ahead and run with this one.

It’s legit, IMO. I will report back when I find out more.

Update: Three Brazilian newspapers were at the event, and now I’ve been told that their stories have been embargoed until tomorrow’s print edition. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I wasn’t mislead.

Second Update: And here it is.

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