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Kobo to Co-Publish Tell-All eBook on Jian Ghomeshi



Everyone knows that nothing sells books like a really juicy scandal, which is why Kobo’s first exclusively co-published ebook is bound to be a success.

On Monday PW and the National Post reported that Kobo was partnering with ECW Press to co-publish a book on Jian Ghomeshi. The book will expand upon Kevin Donovan’s investigations into Ghomeshi’s sordid personal life.

Jian Ghomeshi – Secret Life, slated for publication this June, will offer a comprehensive background of the former CBC radio host and portray the long road it took for the public broadcaster to fire the now infamous interviewer.

Long a central feature in the Canadian publishing scene, radio star Jian Ghomeshi’s career came to an abrupt end late last year when women started coming forward and accusing Ghomeshi of sexual assault. What started as a trickle soon became a flood of criminal complaints and corroborating witnesses, leading to multiple criminal charges of assault and sexual assault.

According to coverage at the time, Ghomeshi’s history was a well-known secret long before it came into the public eye, but it wasn’t until the Toronto Star started investigating that Ghomeshi’s past finally caught up with him. (You can find a stomach-turning summary on Wikipedia).

Kevin Donovan was one of the journalists investigating Ghomeshi, and he is expanding on his previous work in order to write the definitive book on Ghomeshi.

Basically, this is the inverse of a celebrity biography. Rather than a whitewashed or carefully edited version of a celeb’s past, we’re going to read all of the worst details.

Frankly, I’ve read more than I care to simply by looking up Ghomeshi’s Wikipedia page, but if you would like to learn more the book will be out in June in both digital and print.

image by Penmachine via Wikimedia Commons

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