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Kobo to unveil new ereader next week?

I’ve just heard a fascinating bit of news.

Kobo have a number of interviews next week, and according to my sources the interviews will be under an embargo. The journalists won’t be able to talk about news discussed in the interview until Kobo give them the green light.

I wonder what they’re keeping secret? I don’t think it’s a new app; apps aren’t that important.

I have one improbably theory I’d like to toss at you; Apple could buy Kobo. I know it’s crazy, but stranger things have happened.

My guess is that the embargoed news will probably cover Kobo’s new ereader. I’ve gotten a number of back channel hints that they’re working on one, and that it might be a tablet. but that’s just a guess; we won’t know for sure until after the embargo ends.

P.S. The picture at right isn’t the new Kobo ereader; it’s an Android tablet that they were torturing me with last fall. At least, it’s probably not the new gadget. (I don’t know.)

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Tyler May 17, 2011 um 4:15 pm

I wondered if there was something soon coming out. I noticed a few weeks ago on their site that they were sold out of e readers. Take a look…

With the price drop to $99 everywhere now, it really made me wonder. I have the wifi reader and I do like it’s simplicity but the slowness of it and the fact that it does not show you what page you are on in a book, only what page within a chapter, is highly annoying. I just use mine for traveling when I want something lightweight and doesn’t matter if it is lost or stolen.

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