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Kobo Update 4.17 Features Improved Navigation, More Header and Footer Options

Kobo rolled out a firmware update for its ereaders this week, giving all its current models the same (software) features that the Kobo Libra H2O got last week. This does not, alas, include the model pictured above.

I haven’t had a chance to get it myself, but I’m told the update includes several useful features, including new header and footer options as well as new navigation features.

You can wait for the update to be sent to your ereader wirelessly, or you can download it via one of the helpful links over on MobileRead.

Here’s the Changelog:

Enhanced eBook navigation

We listened to Kobo readers who asked for better ways to move around in a book and easily find their way back. We want you to get lost in the story, not in the book!

Know where you are in your book

  • Updated headers and footers: Headers and footers now display both chapter and book progress, so you know where you are in your book at all times.
  • Progress bar: Understand where you are in your book at a glance, with a progress bar at the bottom of each page.
  • Hide or customize header and footer: Choose to view Page numbers, Percent read, Time remaining, or turn off the header, footer, or progress bar entirely. Visit Reading settings > Reading progress.

Jump back and forth with ease and confidence

While reading a book, tap the middle of the page to get started

  • Improved in-book menu: An improved book scrubber now appears as part of the menu. From here, you have access to Settings and Navigation controls.
  • Enhanced eBook scrubber: Updated to represent the entire book instead of just one chapter. Flip back and forth without fear of losing your spot. Your previous page is noted for easy access.
  • Page previews: Quickly reference and navigate to other parts of your book with page previews while using the scrubber when jumping between chapters.

New languages

We’ve added support for new languages. Tap ? and go to Settings > Language to switch languages.

  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

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John October 14, 2019 um 1:03 pm

Unfortunately, they also removed the "Time Left in Chapter" button. I’m more than a little ticked off at this.

I’m EXTREMELY unimpressed by the idiots in development over there. I’ve never seen someone actually remove advertised features in a software update.

Auto updating software blows, especially when there’s no option to revert if you find the new version actually deletes functionality.

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