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Kobo Vox Revealed as a 7″ Tablet

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Do you  recall that Kobo device that I showed you on Friday – the one with the funky corners? Today I learned that it probably doesn’t look like that.

A friend showed me a different diagram that he found in the FCC paperwork. (It was there but I didn’t know to look for it.) The new image shows a rather ordinary looking 7″ tablet with Wifi(n), a microSD card slot, and possibly a headphone jack.

Now it makes more sense but I still don’t expect Kobo to ever release this. This was sent through the FCC by Wistron, not Kobo. That means that Kobo probably passed on it, and I think that becuase Kobo sent the Kobo Touch through the FCC on their own. Wistron also later sent a copy of the Kobo touch through the FCC.

Update: I’ve gotten a hint that Kobo will release this tablet. Whoops.

In any case, this is a topic that will have to be tabled until early November; that’s when the FCC paperwork is revealed.

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