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Kobo’s Michael Tamblyn To Coronavirus Spammers "Just. &%$*@. Stop."

Amazon is well-known to have a problem in the Kindle Store due to their failure to invest in QA processes to keep out the spammers, the cheats, the book stuffers, and the outright criminals.

Kobo does not have that problem, mostly because (as I pointed out a couple years ago) Kobo has a content approval team. The scammers aren’t getting in to the Kobo Store, but they are still making their presence felt.

On Thursday Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn took to Twitter to express Kobo’s collective frustration at the scammers.

In related news, Amazon has (belatedly) cracked down on the Coronavirus  scammers. There are many reports on FB and in the KDP support forums that it is suddenly much harder to publish a book that even mentions COVID-19, much less one that offers quack cures.

That’s nice, but do you know what would be even better?

It would be great if Amazon could match the standards set by their competitors, and proactively filter out the content. It would make the Kindle Store better for both readers and authors.

image  by A Girl With Tea via Flickr

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Xavier Basora April 25, 2020 um 10:40 pm


The problem is Amazon has never really cared for books. It was a means to an end to become Megaselleverytingunderonewarehouse Corp(tm)

Eventually readers and authours will go elsewhere as Anazon is increasing not a business partner.
Some might even build their own publishing platform.


Disgusting Dude April 26, 2020 um 5:23 pm

Good luck with that.
Eventually will be a long time coming.

Hayden April 26, 2020 um 5:52 pm

Can we publish a covid-19 related book that is full of sarcasm?

Ros Jackson April 27, 2020 um 9:52 pm

The content checking is just one of the reasons I prefer to spend my book money at Kobo, not Amazon.

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