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Kogan raised the price on their e-reader as a stunt

One of the Australian tech blogs I follow is Oz-E-Books, which is run by Darryl Adams. He noticed last night that Kogan, an Australian electronics retailer (similar to Newegg) had raised the price on the ereader they had just started selling.

It was a stunt:

I was caught out by the Kogan ereader price hike, so I emailed Vuki from Kogan for some info.

Kogan ran an advert during the Ben Cousins show on Channel 7 and the "gimick" was that Ads add cost to a product, to pay for it Kogan was pumping the prices up by 20% until sunday.

This is a clever but risky play on Kogan’s part. Part piss take, part serious commentary on prices.

Here’s the commercial, in case you were interested:

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Stefano August 27, 2010 um 9:36 am

Why didn’t he buy a Kindle?

Darryl Adams August 27, 2010 um 5:50 pm

While the Kindle 3 is a cheap reader in Aussie terms, it has major issues.

1. We are paying top dollar for ebooks, partly because of whispernet (no local carrier supports it, so we have to to use AT&T peering)

2. The book range is a poor subset of the US and UK range

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