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Kogan to Launch new 6″ E-reader in Australia

I’ve just come across the product page for a new ebook reader, and this one is even new to me.

Kogan are now selling a new Kogan Reader (that’s the only name they gave it). It’s based on a 6″ Sipix screen, and it has 2GB Flash storage, SD card slot, and a capacitive touchscreen. It supports Epub and PDF, and it used Adobe DE DRM.

Curiously enough, the product listing says it has an E-ink screen. But I also have the manual in front of me and it says that this ebook reader has a Sipix screen.  The manual is probably right; the grayness of the screen, the capacitive touchscreen component, and the general physical design suggest that this device was designed by the same people who have done a few of the other Sipix ereaders (here and here).

You can buy this ereader right now for $169 AUD. I wouldn’t; the screen really is that gray. I’m actually a little surprised to see a new model using the old screen; according to my industry sources a new generation of the Sipix screen will be shipping soon and should be on devices in the next 6 months.

via Kogan

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