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Koobsy: Indie Titles Recommended by Indie Authors

koobsynavlogo-copyThere are many sites where you can find book recommendations, but very few focus on indie authors, and even fewer where indie authors are making the recommendation. That’s where Koobsy comes in.

Launching this week, Koobsy is a book recommendation site which helps readers discover the best indie authors who deserve to be heard. Each month an established indie author will choose two indie ebooks they like. The titles will be made available for download to Koobsy members DRM-free.

According to co-founder Angus King, the inspiration for Koobsy came when the founders realized there was an unfulfilled need in the ebook market. "Koobsy began when we noticed a lack of quality guarantee when it came to indie ebooks," King told me by email. "A friend of ours bought two self published titles from Amazon to read, and both had grammatical errors and a poor plot line. Not fun, especially when you’re spending money on them."

"But we knew there were good self publishers out there. From podcasts, articles, and going to events, we could tell that indie had its gold standard, equal to traditional publishers."

And who better to find great indie titles than other indie authors?

Koobsy costs $6 a month. ebooks are delivered every month by email, and subscribers will also get a newsletter each month where they can learn more about the recommended titles, and connect with the indie authors.

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