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Kurio Kid’s Android Tablet Launches This Summer

If you don’t want to hand your $500 iPad to 6 year old (not even in the SuperShell case) then I have a cheaper option for you. Inspiration Works unveiled the Kurio tablet today, and they’re planning to ship this summer with retail starting at £150.

This is actually  trio of tablets, and it’s just the 7″ that has the enormous green rubber case (it can be removed). The 8″ and 9″ models look like regular Android tablets.

The CPU specs weren’t released, but all 3 tablets are going to be running Android 4.0 ICS. They will also have capacitive touchscreens, nd the screen resolutions will be 800×480 (7″), 800×600 (8″), and 940×600 (9″). The tablet boast a USB socket for connecting a camera or joystick,  and they also support HDMI output (1080p).

All 3 tablets will have cameras. The larger 2 will have a VGA webcam and  2MP rear facing camera, but the 7″ model will hve just the webcam. The weight and dimensions haven’t been released, but battery life is estimated to be around 6 hours (total or each tablet?).

These are kid’s tablets, and Inspiration Works is designing them for the 4 to 15-year-old. That seems to be an awfully broad age range, IMO. The tablets will come with a dedicated firewall app that parents can control, and they’ll be able to make sure their kids only access the stuff they want them to. Unless the kid is more tech savvy than the parent, which seems likely these days.

The Kurio tablets are due out in July for £150, £180 and £200 respectively.


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