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Laser bring new 5″ e-reader to Australia

The Laser EB-101 is based on a 5″ LCD screen, and it has 2GB Flash and a microSDHC card slot. It’s available now for $149.95 AUD.

Details are sparse, so I don’t know much. But I think I recognize the menu shown on the screen. It looks a lot like other Gajah ereaders I’ve shown you in the past. If I’m right, then we can probably guess that this doesn’t have any DRM support.

BTW, I found something in the product description that’s going to cause a lot of trouble down the road:

The Laser EB101 E-Book reader accomodates ALL formats of E-book including DRM managed content which is legitamately purchased from on line stores such as Amazon. (if you’re considering an E-Book reader, you should check the licensing and compatibility with DRM fies. The EB101 is fully licensed and fully compatible meaning more books, more videos, more music, more pictures and more use.

It looks to me like they have support for Kindle DRM. Since I know that’s impossible, I have to wonder if they are misleading people intentionally, or was this phrasing an accident.


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