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"The Last Jedi" Plot Summary Leaked Onlined

There has been much speculation about the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, and the online frenzy only doubled when the Spanish, German, and other language versions of the posters revealed that the title referred to Jedis, plural. (Except that can’t be true – as everyone knows, the plural of Jedi is Chuck Norris.)

In any case, a new leak is only going to add to the debate.

I can’t say where I got it, but a source has given me part of the plot summary for The Last Jedi. It is incomplete, but it does offer clues about the story.


Table of Contents


Months after the destruction of the Starkiller Base, the Resistance has been driven from their former base on D’Qar by the First Order. Led by General Organa, the resistance has set up their new base on the ice planet Bakarr. The First Order fleet, led by Kylo Ren, continues to hunt for the Resistance’s new base by dispatching scout forces across the galaxy.

While investigating a potential meteor strike, Finn is injured and captured by a pawam, a bigfoot-like creature. He manages to escape from its cave but soon succumbs to the brutally cold temperatures and collapses. While unconscious, he sees a vision of Rey instructing him to come to Ahch-To to train under Skywalker. Finn is found by Po Dameron, who carries him back to base.

On patrol, Chewbacca and Dameron discover the meteor Finn had planned to investigate is actually a First Order scout, which alerts the Empire to the Resistance’s location. The First order launches a large-scale attack to capture the base. Despite heavy resistance, the attacking forces destroy the base’s shield generator and force the Resistance to retreat. Dameron and General Organa escape on the Millennium Falcon with C-3PO and Chewbacca, but their hyperdrive malfunctions.

Finn, meanwhile, escapes with BB-8 in Dameron’s X-wing fighter and lands it on Ahch-To.


Unfortunately, that is all I was given, and its veracity has not been confirmed at this time. (It’s not like I could just go look it up in Wikipedia, after all.)

So, what do you think?


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Robert Vasan April 1, 2017 um 5:44 pm

Bravo. Clap, clap.

BTW, I hear that in the final reel, Kylo cuts off Rey’s hand after a lightsaber duel. He then tells her he’s really her brother. Unable to handle the news, Rey willingly plummets to her death from the techno spire. But she is saved at the last minute but Finn in the Falcon.

Stefan beraro April 2, 2017 um 11:09 am

Sounds like what happened to Luke on Hoth hopefully they’re not stealing from the original story lines yeah

Brandon April 2, 2017 um 2:25 pm

Ha ha! Only the naive would believe this rehash of Empire as a plot summary of TLJ. Seems like something Mike Zeroh’s fraudulent *** would come up with.

Nate Hoffelder April 2, 2017 um 2:31 pm

Well, "The Force Awakens' was a remake of "A New Hope", so …

Peter Winkler April 2, 2017 um 3:16 pm

I’m waiting for the final installment in the series, "The Last Star Wars Film, Ever, Finally, We Promise".

Chris April 2, 2017 um 5:09 pm

Sounds like the plot from The Empire Strikes Out to me.

Nate Hoffelder April 2, 2017 um 5:10 pm

that’s the joke, yes.

april fool April 4, 2017 um 1:53 pm

happy april fools day

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