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Leaked Photos Show iPhone 6, Retail Box – I Call Fake

Apple-logo[1]Apple’s eagerly anticipated iPhone 6 isn’t going to launch for another month, but one UK tech blog would have you believe that they got their hands on the new smartphone – and in a retail box no less.

Earlier today TechRadar posted an exclusive set of photos which appear to show the iPhone 6.  According to their source, this is supposed to be a beta unit.

The photos don’t offer any way to prove that, but they do show a retail box which looks authentic:

iphone 6I can’t speak for the authenticity of the photos, but even if they are real I don’t think this is the iPhone 6.

While I am convinced that a larger iPhone will be launching next month, and I would even be willing to accept that beta units are floating around, I simply don’t find it plausible that one would come with a retail box. There’s just too high of a chance that the box might be left sitting around to be accidentally discovered, photographed, and shared online. So I seriously doubt Apple would be shipping it to testers.

Furthermore, theTechRadar photos don’t show any screenshots, so there’s no way to know for sure that this is a real iPhone 6 and not a Chinese-made knockoff running Android. I haven’t been reporting on the knockoffs, but I have been following the news and some of the iPhone 6 clones are quite nice.

At least one model even comes in a retail box which says iPhone 6 and sports a surprisingly realistic home screen. Alas, the Google Play app gave it away:

Don’t get me wrong, I wish the photos shared by TechRadar showed a real iPhone 6. But they probably do not.

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jjj August 11, 2014 um 3:55 pm

How the hell is that phone pretty? It has horrible upper and lower bezels and that makes the design way outdated – it does help them to make the phone thinner since they shift volume to the bezels but it would be one of the ugliest phones sold at this point.

Nate Hoffelder August 11, 2014 um 4:22 pm

I think the front looks nice, and I am willfully ignoring the rear shell. I’m hoping the real iPhone 6 doesn’t look that fugly.

I do agree with you in that the quality of Apple’s designs have gone to shit starting with the iPhone 5C. I’m hoping that the iPhone 6 looks nicer.

jjj August 11, 2014 um 4:48 pm

I hate the front and they need to drop the huge home button to be more in line with current phones. The best ones are getting to a body to screen ratio above 75%. Sure they like the huge bezels because it shifts the bulk. I even made my own metric for mobile devices , volume per screen area, to factor in not just the bezels but also the thickness when looking at the bulk.
It does seem like they will stick with the huge home button until they can integrate the fingerprint scanner into the display but that might take a few more years.
In all fairness they could use a more radical design change but they seem to be afraid to take such a risk so they just keep evolving the same look.
The rumored back is kinda like sports shoes from the 90’s and very HTC like (not talking about the One) .

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