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Leaked Spec Sheet Reveals the Onyx Boox Monitor – 13.3″ Screen, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and a 1.8GHz CPU

Onyx has just inadvertently given us a look at the device they hope to release next year.

A member of Mobileread has uncovered a spec sheet for the Onyx Monitor, one of the models intended to eventually replace the Onyx Boox Max. The spec sheet is in Chinese, but most of the details can be puzzled out

The Boox Monitor is listed as running Android 6.0 Marshmallow on a quad-core 1.8GHz CPU with 2GB RAM. It has 16GB of storage, Wifi, a headphone jack, and a speaker.

It’s built around what Onyx is calling the Carta Plus E-ink screen. It’s not clear whether that is the same screen as found on the Onyx Boox Max Carta which just launched, although we do know they have the same screen size (13.3″) and resolution (2200 x 1850).

And most notably, the Boox Monitor has an HDMI port, which means that like the Boox Max Carta it will act as a monitor.

Assuming the Boox Monitor is formally released, that is. An Onyx reseller commented on the release with these tempering words:

Unfortunately this information was not supposed to go public yet.

The picture does not show the Max 2. The Max Monitor is is just kind of internal indication for one of the future version in the 13.3 series. Those shown specs are also similar to Max 2 but Max 2 will offer more. E.g. the Max is planned to be equipped with dual touch, Bluetooth etc. Monitor should be less equipped and therefore should be a little bit less expensive. Monitor also is not on scheduled for this year AFAIK.

In short, this is less a product than an idea that Onyx would one day like to follow through on, and it belongs in the same category as the Onyx Boox Typewriter.

both devices are nifty but for all practical terms they do not truly exist yet.

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