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Legimi Bundles eReader With its eBook Subscription Service

The Polish ebook service Legimi is now offering new subscribers the chance to buy an ereader for a euro.

Anyone who signs up for a "Legimi without limit" subscription for a two-year term can purchase either a Pocketbook Touch Lux or Inkbook Prime ereader for 1 euro (in Germany; the price in Poland is 1 zloty).

The subscription costs $17 euros per month, and includes both audiobooks and ebooks. It is only available in Poland and Germany, and it currently offers access to more than 80,000 ebooks and around 1,700 audiobooks. A further 220,000 ebooks and 25,000 audiobooks can be purchased through Legimi’s shop.

Those who don’t want an ereader can also read the ebooks in Legimi’s apps for Android and iOS.

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Nirmala October 17, 2017 um 1:35 pm

I’ve often wondered why Amazon does not do this with KU.

Nate Hoffelder October 17, 2017 um 1:42 pm

Amazon has, just not on terms as good as this

Eczytanie October 17, 2017 um 4:06 pm

Now it possibility to make use of "Legimi without limit" (in limited version – you can download only 3 or 5 ebook monthly) on Kindle.

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