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Lenovo’s New Foldable Laptop is a White Elephant

Late last year Lenovo launched the C930, a dual-screen laptop that combined an E-ink screen and an LCD screen. Now they are following it up with a new Thinkpad model that has one giant foldable screen.

It doesn’t have a name yet, nor a firm ship date,, but we’re told it will be part of the X1 line when it ships in 2020.

The concept device  features a 13.3″ flexible OLED made by LG. With a screen resolution of 1920 x 1440 pixel, it’s a pretty sharp screen in a relatively small device that, when folded, has about the same footprint as a 9.7″ iPad.

And when you unfold it, the device has a screen about the same size as one of the standard laptop displays. Set it up with its bite-sized keyboard and you will transform into the guy who wasted thousands of dollars on this:

The device is running Windows on an unnamed Intel CPU, and Lenovo promised Tom’s Hardware that it will have stereo speakers, a pair of USB-C ports, and a Windows Hello-compatible IR camera. It also has a Wacom stylus, but Lenovo was vague on all the other details.

Folks, I really don’t get this device. We already have room for a 13.3″ laptop in our bags, with plenty of space left over for an iPad, so there’s no real need to save space with a folding screen.

When folded, this device will only be about as useful as an iPad (which would actually be more convenient because it is so much lighter in weight). When unfolded, this device will be less useful than a laptop with the same size screen because that laptop will have a decent-sized keyboard (and the laptop will only cost half as much as Lenovo’s white elephant).

If you can see a good justification for this device’s $3k to $4k price tag, please let me know.


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Evan Charles March 14, 2022 um 3:10 am

I am just in love with this product. It is super cool and it is the first time I saw such a innovative foldable laptop on the market. The design of this new Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is outstanding and its features are very impressive as well. This new gadget has a folding screen that turns into two individual screens when you unfold them, allowing you to do some pretty neat things like watch videos or check out your photos without having to lug around a separate device for each task!

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