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McDonalds Expands Free eBook Program Into Germany

Over the past 6 months McDonalds has launched programs to bundle ebooks into the fat and sugar-laden kid’s meals sold in Portugal and the US, and this week they expanded that program in to Germany. 

RTEmagicC_eBooks_McDonalds.jpg[1]The new literacy/advertising program will be running for the next couple months, and it will feature ebooks on the subjects of natural wonders as well as stars and planets. Like the US and Portugal program, the ebooks given away in Germany were developed by UK-based DK Publishing. They’re aimed at children aged three to eight years, and thanks to the sound effects, animations and games they will probably entertain far more than encourage a love of reading. The ebooks will be available via the McDonalds Happy Studio app for iPad and iPhone as well as on the Happy Studio website.

McDonalds has been regularly giving away books in kid’s meals in Germany for a couple years now, but this is the first time they’ve added ebooks to the mix. In the past they have given away books in Germany in the summers of 2012 and 2013. Around 4 million books were given away each time, and then in September 2013 McDonalds also gave around 500,000 audiobooks.

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