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Merch by Amazon Adds iPhone, Samsung Cases

Amazon manufactures everything from books to DVDs, but did you know they also make swag such as t-shirts? (I only found out a couple months ago, actually.)

One of Amazon’s divisions under Amazon Advertising is called Merch by Amazon, and it’s basically Amazon’s answer to services such as RedBubble and CafePress.

Merch by Amazon lets you design t-shirts and other swag, and then sell that merchandise through The selection is limited to various types of shirts, as well as Popsockets, but I’ve just read on Facebook that Amazon has added smartphone cases:

Merch by Amazon is currently invite-only. I don’t know very many authors who use it, but those that do are very excited about the new merch options. I get the impression that they sell a lot through Amazon (which would make sense given the size of Amazon’s customer base).

Are you signed up with Merch by Amazon? What do you think of the service?

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