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Merck, FlexEnable Demo a Flexible Plastic-LCD Prototype

Merck and FlexEnable ( which was fissioned from Plastic Logic last week) have unveiled a new flexible LCD display demonstrator. Based on the plastic backplane developed by Plastic Logic, the new screen tech has the potential of making products ten times thinner, more than ten times lighter, and cheaper than conventional glass-based displays.

FlexEnable and Merck Take Major Step Forward in Plastic LCD Technology

The new screen demonstrator combines FlexEnable’s plastic TFT backplane with liquid crystal (LC) and organic semiconductor materials from Merck. As with most first screen prototypes, it’s a monochrome display.

In this case, it’s an IPS display, and Merck reports that they believe this concept will be equally attractive for many applications such as ereaders, dynamic public signage, and advertising.

I’m sure it would be attractive- if it can be produced. But as we have seen from Qualcomm’s issues in bringing Mirasol and Pixtronix screen tech to market, there is a huge difference between showing off a lab demo and actually producing a commercial product.


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