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Microsoft Edge Browser for Android Now Claims to Support eBooks

Launched in October, Microsoft’s Edge web browser for the Android always struck me as a product that was released so MS could check off another box, but it looks like I was wrong.

Microsoft released a new version of the Edge browser for Android yesterday that included a number of updates:

  • Sign in with a school or work account
    -Favorites and password syncing coming soon
  • Adults with Microsoft family accounts can allow and block websites for their children
  • Read books on the go
    -Books from the Microsoft Store
    -Bookmarks, annotation and highlights not supported
  • Performance improvements

I was not able to test the ebook support MS added to its iOS web browser a couple weeks ago, but I do have a couple Android devices so I immediately installed Edge, logged in, and tried to read an ebook.

I have yet to succeed in either buying an ebook through the Edge browser or reading one. You can’t buy an ebook in the browser, but I did buy one through MS’s website.

I could not open it in the Edge browser, however; every time I tried, the app crashed. So while the changelog says the app supports ebooks, at this time the support is more theoretical than real.

You can find the app in Google Play.


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Carmen Webster Buxton June 12, 2018 um 11:00 am

Considering that MS is actively pushing Edge for Android (for a while, every time I launched Edge on my laptop, it wanted me to click a link to get an email so I could download it to my phone or tablet) you would think they would fix this pronto.

Allen F June 12, 2018 um 11:11 am

It’s all about getting you to load their junk/spyware and get you to shop at their 'store' – next they’ll claim it cures cancer.

Embrace, extend, extinguish is the MS way, that never changes. Not that they seem to care about actually making things work these days ('you' are their beta tester, though sometimes you’d swear they sent out the alpha software …)

And even most windows users I talk to don’t like edge (used once to download chrome and firefox.)

Mike Cane June 13, 2018 um 1:00 pm

Edge Case.

Shaddap. You wouldn’t have resisted it on my blog!

Tom S June 13, 2018 um 4:09 pm

I tried it out on my 5 year old Moto G and it does work. In reading mode, however, the system buttons (back home tasks) are still there so It makes for a smaller than usual reading area. I suppose they can make improvements but they have a long way to go.

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