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Microsoft Expected to Launch Office for iPad Next Week

Rumors za104170968[1]have been circulating for nearly 3 years now that Microsoft is working on an Office app for the iPad, and it looks like the latest rumor is about to come true.

Numerous blogs are reporting today that Microsoft is hosting an event next week in San Francisco. MS hasn’t revealed the topic for the event, but everyone is reporting that the Office iPad app will make an appearance:

Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Satya Nadella may unveil an iPad version of the company’s Office software suite on March 27, a source familiar with the event told Reuters, and use his first big press appearance to launch the company’s most profitable product in a version compatible with Apple Inc’s popular tablet.

Microsoft has already released an Office app for the iPhone, and they have developed iPad friendly web apps, and finally they are going to release a native iPad app.

It is safe to assume that the new iPad app will be the iPhone app writ large, and that it will require an Office 365 subscription. This program used to cost $10 a month or more, but last week Microsoft announced a new option for individual subscribers which cost $6.99 a month. That plan is much more limited, and it is only good for a single PC and a single tablet. The $10 a month plan offered access to Office 365 from up to 5 PCs.


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