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Microsoft OneNote Launches on the Mac, Now Free Everywhere

Microsoftonenote[1]  has just announced the debut of the OneNote app for OSX. Mac owners now have a new opportunity to ignore another of Microsoft’s products in favor of its Apple equivalent, and just to make this chance even more tempting Microsoft has gone one better.

OneNote is now free for all users on all platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. (Or at least that is what MS is saying; a brief check of the MS website shows that they’re still selling OneNote 2013 licenses.) Some features are limited to premium users, though.

OneNote was initially launched 10 years ago as part of one of Microsoft’s earlier tablet initiatives. This product has long been bundled into the retail price of MS Office and into the Office 365 subscription, but now it is (reportedly) freely available on its own.


Like its better-publicized competitor Evernote, OneNote offers an easily organized digital notebook typed and handwritten notes. Notes can be organized by project, color-coded, tagged, and of course users can format the notes to their heart’s content. Users can also attach image and other files, and create and listen to audio notes.

Also like Evernote, OneNote gained new support today for partner apps. Microsoft is debuting an API which developers can use to connect OneNote with third-party services.

They’ve already signed a number of developers and device makers to use the API to add OneNote support. Brother, Doxie Go, Epson, Feedly, Genius Scan, IFTTT, JotNot, Livescribe, Mod Notebook, News360, and Weave have all produced OneNote apps or integrated a new option for exporting content from their product into OneNote.

So do you think Evernote is worried about today’s news?


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StevH March 17, 2014 um 7:49 pm

Looks like a useful competitor to Evernote. I’m curious though what options, other than PDF export, it has to get your notes/ info back out of the App. Export to RTF, text only, HTML, etc. ??
I didn’t see any specifics or feature list details on this anywhere at the OneNote website..?

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