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The Microsoft Surface is the Most Wonderful Tablet of All Time (video)

When Microsoft debuted the Surface tablet in late 2012 they promoted it with a commercial which was both under-appreciated and quite truthful. That commercial shows off the one feature that makes the Surface tablet the best on the market: the kickstand.

I have had my Surface RT tablet for just one week, and I can already tell you that this is the single best tablet I have ever had.

This is a 10″ tablet running Windows RT 8.1 on a Tegra 3 CPU with 32GB storage, a pair of 1.3MP cameras, Wifi, BT, and, best of all, a kickstand.

It might not have the easy to use interface of the iPad, and it might not have the customization options of Android tablets, but the Surface tablet has a kickstand, and that makes up for every thing. It doesn’t have nearly as many apps as either iTunes or Google Play, but never mind that because I have 2 words for you:




The kickstand sets the screen of the Surface tablet at the ideal angle. If I’m Binging Googling for basic info like what the weird symbols in the menu mean or how to set a shortcut, the kickstand holds the screen at just the right angle so I can read the instructions.

If I’m crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for the stylus which disappeared again while I was charging the Surface tablet (the stylus port is the charging port), the kickstand holds the tablet steady , ready, and waiting for me to return.

And if I’m Binging Googling for a liquor delivery service after the registration process has driven me to drink, the kickstand guarantees that I can see the screen throughout my drunken stupor, right up until blessed unconsciousness steals me away.

And did you know that the kickstand works in not one but 2 positions? It’s true! Few reviewers noticed this, but the kickstand works in landscape as well as portrait mode. It’s twice as useful for the same low price!

But wait, there’s more! Not only does the kickstand have 2 display modes, it also doubles as a business card holder, a flyswatter, and it has even been pulling double duty as a meteorite deterrent – it’s doing a great job!

Is there anything this kickstand cannot do!?!

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Name (required) February 2, 2014 um 7:54 am

You forgot to mention that when you start clicking with the wonderful stand you magically acquire the ability to breakdance and spin on your head. Very important feature.

aceflor February 2, 2014 um 10:28 am

…and apparently, your kickstand is so wonderful, it even transformed your RT into a Pro version…:

"I have had my Surface RT tablet for just one week" => "If I’m crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for the stylus which disappeared again while I was charging the Surface tablet (the stylus port is the charging port)"

…. ???

Nate Hoffelder February 2, 2014 um 10:30 am

You’re right, I didn’t have a stylus. I just thought that was funny and wanted to share.

cookie February 2, 2014 um 11:06 am

My first tablet was an Archos 7 and it had a kickstand. I found it quite practical and i don´t get why it is not on more tablets

LoganK February 2, 2014 um 12:08 pm

I have always liked the kickstand, but I think Lenovo currently has the best form factor:

(I hadn’t been to that page before: it’s weird to see Ashton Kutcher plastered all over.)

I also appreciate them putting the speakers in the front.

Chuck February 2, 2014 um 3:21 pm

I’m a iPad guy, but the kickstand feature on the Lenovo looks very tempting for use as a 2nd tablet. Looks like it would be great for reading.

BTW — if you watch the demo video, is anyone but me wondering where all those leaves came from inside the room the girl was using her new tablet.

Andrys February 2, 2014 um 7:05 pm

I guess you may be kidding around here, but do you remember my writing you that my Surface Pro 2 is my favorite e-gadget of all time? I am utterly addicted to it. For many reasons. And I do use the full Windows programs like Photoshop CC with its tiny tool icons (hoping they change that part!) and a host of personal Windows tools I’ve loved for years. But it is SO FAST and, so far (since Oct 23) so reliable for me, that everything just seems to appear rather than 'load.'
… One caveat: a horrible hard-to-control keypad that I turn Off unless I’m not planning to use a mouse. The one full-size USB 3 port has a 4-port USB 3 hub attached to it (which was about $15) and runs all of them w/ no probs, including the fast 64GB USB3 flash drive, and I have a 64 GB card in in the microSD slot. I did get the 256GB model when I couldn’t find the 500GB one available.
… Of course reviewers lament constantly that it is not 1 lb total like the iPad that cannot do all these things. They are so narrow in viewpoint it’s amazing to me.
Microsoft had a problem with sleep not working quite right but have fixed it.

Andrys February 2, 2014 um 7:13 pm

Do you run bluestacks on it for Android apps? I’ve only just installed it and tried only a Cantonese program so far but that was already on youtube. Yes, going back to my roots.

Nate Hoffelder February 2, 2014 um 10:30 pm

I have a Surface RT. From what I see on the website I don’t think Bluestacks runs on RT. Or am I wrong?

Andrys February 2, 2014 um 11:06 pm

Unfortunately, you’re right, Nate. I just went to and found this response from 'Ben' who’s a Microsoft Support Engineer:
"Windows RT 8.1 only runs built-in apps or apps that you download from the Windows Store. You will not be able to install any third party applications other than the apps available in the Windows store. If you make any changes to the Surface RT to install such third party, it could cause serious damage to the device and hence it is not advised to make any changes to run third party applications that are not available in Windows store.

You can also refer to this article for more information in Surface RT with Windows 8.1:

Hope this helps. Feel free to get back to us for any other Windows related queries in the future; we’d be happy to help.

Someone had said there is a beta version that runs on ARM but that it’s dangerous to do it. I did pay more for the SP2 so that I could run almost anything. There’s an app to run Apple apps too but I’ve not tried that yet.

A more upbeat report: says that Bluestacks "is considering porting their solution to Windows RT in the future."

Nate Hoffelder February 2, 2014 um 11:16 pm

They’ve been considering porting their app since December 2012.

This is in fact one of the first things I checked when I considered ordering this tablet. If I had the option of Android apps I would have treated this like a quirky Android tablet, and not regarded it as Microsoft’s black elephant.

David H. Rothman February 2, 2014 um 9:43 pm

@Nate and @Chuck: Yes, a kickstand will turn any tablet into da bomb. More seriously, kickstand fans with recent iPads can buy "Hideaway" models from Gumdrop. Please note, however, that I must qualify this recommendation. I haven’t tested my Hideaway as a flyswatter yet. Tip: Slip a wad of paper under the rubber Home button if Home is too hard to press successfully. Ok, now lemme sign off and look for a fly for the test. David

fahirsch February 3, 2014 um 4:39 pm

From the video I see that you can get a lot of exercise with the Surface.

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