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Microsoft Unveils Spartan, Its Next-Generation Web Browser

14853210513_de48c0caaf_m[1]Surprising no one, Microsoft officially took the cover off of Project Spartan today during its Windows 10 event.

Microsoft’s new web browser had been popping up here and there over the past few months, and today’s reveal confirmed the accuracy of all those leaks. Spartan features a new rendering engine, a new interface, and close integration with Windows 10, or HalOS as it was known inside Microsoft.

The browser will also fully support PDFs (that’s common now) and also have Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant baked-in. Users will be able to browse with voice search, and they can get their questions answered as they type the  query into the location bar, Cortana can also bring up directions, menu information, or other relevant information when you’re looking at a web page for a restaurant, for example.


Those early rumors of web page annotation and sharing abilities were true, and up to 10 users will be able to annotate a web page and share those notes and doodles through OneDrive cloud service.

The browser is going to be available across all Windows 10 platforms, including PC, tablet, and smartphone, but from the sound of things I think it won’t be available for older versions of Windows. Given that Bing will also be baked in, I think I can live with that.


image by JD Hancock

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