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Microsoft’s New WordPress Plugin Lets You Publish Notes From OneNote

onenote[1]Note-taking services like Evernote and OneNote are great for recording your thoughts, but they are doubly useful when you get to share those thoughts. And Microsoft has come up with a rather extreme way to share your thoughts.

Microsoft announced over on the OneNote blog on Friday that it had added several new features to OneNote. In addition to integration with CloudHQ and the Equil Smartpen from Ludia, MS also announced a new WordPress plugin which lets users pull notes from OneNote to WordPress so they can be published.

Once installed and configured, the plugin offers an easy way for you to import your notes. Simply click the button in the Add New Post page:

onenote wordpress import plugin

And WordPress will pull up your notes from OneNote so you can choose which ones to import:


Since OneNote docs are synced in the cloud, you can start writing a blog post in any OneNote app (iOS, Android, OSX,Windows) and then import it into Wordpress. Alternatively, you could use a WordPress blog not as a blogging tool but more to simply share a note widely and invite feedback and participation from those who don’t use OneNote.

P.S. While we’re on the topic, there is a WordPress plugin called Sentinote which offers a similar option for Evernote. And if that doesn’t work for you, I’m told that you can email a note from EverNote to WordPress.

OneNote via TNW

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