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Milo Yiannopoulos to Sue Simon & Schuster, Self-Publish Memoir

After getting fired and losing a book deal when he espoused a pro-pedophilia position, Milo Yiannopoulos has announced that he is self-publishing the memoir that was dropped by S&S.

From The Guardian:

After his memoir Dangerous was very publicly dumped by his publisher, hard-right professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has announced he will instead self-publish the book – and that he will sue Simon & Schuster for $10m for backing out of the deal.

The memoir will be the first book to be published under his own Dangerous Books label, which will specialise in titles by authors who “can’t get published”. The venture was revealed as part of Milo Inc, a new media venture announced by Yiannopoulos.


Speaking in a YouTube livecast last week, he said: “I want to send them a message that they can never again do this to a libertarian or a conservative.”

Should it appear, Dangerous will be the first book announced by Yiannopoulos that has made it into print. Two other projects – on Gamergate and Silicon Valley – failed to materialise, despite being heavily trailed by the controversialist.

Yiannopoulos claimed that his new venture is backed by $12m from anonymous donors, according to Vanity Fair. Eyeing up his usual targets for bile, Yiannopoulos, who boasts of being banned by Twitter following trolling of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, claimed in a press release that the company would make the “lives of journalists, professors, politicians, feminists, Black Lives Matter activists, and other professional victims a living hell”.

Good luck with that.

Milo is going to find it a lot harder going now that he’s out on his own.

It’s not just that he has lost a platform when fired from Breitbart and lost a marketing machine when dropped by S&S, but also that hardly anyone is going to want to associate with him now that he has twice spoken in favor of pedophilia.

He has single-handedly reduced his base of support to 4chan and a couple of forums on Reddit. Heck, not even Putin will back Milo now, and as we saw with the pro-LePen hack on the Macron campaign computers over the weekend, Putin will back any puppet he can.

I cannot recall the last time someone has so thoroughly self-destructed.

Can you?


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Bill Smith May 8, 2017 um 6:44 pm

I’m sure he would be welcome to take Spicey’s job when he gets fired.

Nate Hoffelder May 8, 2017 um 7:21 pm


Bill Smith May 9, 2017 um 8:23 pm

Or maybe Comey’s job? Wouldn’t have called THAT 24 hours ago.

Mason Masters May 8, 2017 um 7:34 pm

Keep your commentary to books and stop peddling Russia conspiracies.

Harvey May 9, 2017 um 8:45 am

"I cannot recall the last time someone has so thoroughly self-destructed."

Umm, Hillary, anyone?

Nate Hoffelder May 9, 2017 um 9:07 am

Clinton won the 2016 election on the popular vote.

I don’t see how that comes anywhere close to being described as self-destructing.

Bill Smith May 9, 2017 um 8:27 pm

To clarify, Hillary won the popular vote by three million votes.

Trump won the Electoral College by less than 100,000 votes (Wisconsin, Michigan, and then add in NC, AZ or Florida) … he hardly has a popular mandate.

That said, Hillary did a terrible job of turning out the vote in states she thought she had clinched, especially in the Rust Belt … and voters went "um, not so fast."

poiboy May 9, 2017 um 2:40 pm

uuuugh when will this useless Milo virus end? *yawn*

Gordon Horne May 9, 2017 um 11:31 pm

Good on him self-publishing. However, I think, or perhaps that’s hope, that he stood to earn far more with a notoriety-based advance than he will from actual sales.

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