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Minion Ipsum is a Fun Alternative to the Usual Filler Text

minionGot nothing to say but still need to fill up space? Then you might want to check out Minion Ipsum.

Inspired by the little yellow henchmen from Despicable Me, Minion Ipsum is the filler text of choice for discerning villains everywhere. Rather than the usual gibberish Latin, Minion Ipsum offers a unique blend of incoherent babbling crossed with a three-year-old’s sense of humor:

Poopayee bee do bee do bee do tulaliloo underweaaar hahaha daa butt poopayee. Ti aamoo! po kass ti aamoo! Me want bananaaa! Ti aamoo! tulaliloo poopayee po kass poulet tikka masala po kass belloo! Wiiiii potatoooo butt. Baboiii po kass underweaaar ti aamoo! Tatata bala tu ti aamoo!

And before you ask, no, I checked and there is no toddler ipsum.

But if you want other option then you might be interested in Samuel L. Ipsum (if you are in need of angry cursing). If that’s not your taste, Space Ipsum is a good source of Nasa marketing filler. Or perhaps you might want your lorem ipsum with more brains (Zombie Ipsum) or less brains but more corporate buzzwords (corporate ipsum).

Got a favorite ipsum generator not mentioned above? The comments are open.

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Bridget McKenna July 29, 2015 um 11:13 am

I love it! I’m also rather fond of…

Nate Hoffelder July 29, 2015 um 11:38 am

Oh! Cool! I didn’t know about that one!

Here’s another good one:

Gilmore Ipsum

Nirmala July 29, 2015 um 10:59 pm

And then there is hipster ipsum….very shabby chic and all:

Editora Abreu July 30, 2015 um 11:49 pm

Those are really great sugestions for creating filler text!
We wrote about this subject a while ago, and one of our favorite filler generator is the Picksum Ipsum, with quotes from movie characters played by Clint Eastwood, Christopher Walken and Michael Cane.
We picked other websites as well, you can check it here.

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