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Mobcast’s New Ebookstore Sounds Like a Disease

A couple months back WHSmith, one of the larger UK bookstore chains, announced that they were switching their ebookstore over to Kobo. The switch actually happened some time back, but I was reminded about it today.

Most of WHSmith’s customers saw their accounts switched over to Kobo. But this was a less than complete process, and at least some of us were moved to another service, only this one is no longer associated with WHSmiths. I’m not completely sure why this happened, but I do know that my account was moved over and I hate the name.

It’s called Uncuva, and it’s supported by WHSmith’s old ebookstore partner, Mobcast. It’s sharing the same servers as Mobcast’s other partners, including Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Singapore Telecom.(Mobcast runs their ebookstores.)

Is it just me, or does that name sound like an infectious disease?

Snide comments aside, Uncuva launched earlier this month. Mobcast will be supporting this ebookstore in the UK market, and they have already released an Android app that works with it. An iOS pp is in the works, too. This ebookstore will offer the same selection that WHSmith used to have, and all ebooks that had been bought via WHSmith before the changeover should still be in your account.


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Mike Cane January 20, 2012 um 4:33 pm

What are you doing buying books from the UK? I thought all of them were told to stop letting outsiders do that.

Nate the Great January 20, 2012 um 5:22 pm

I have an eReader that’s tied to WHSmith. I set up an ccount just to see if I could.

Tyler January 20, 2012 um 10:59 pm

It’s just Uncover spoken with a speech impediment.

Ingo Lembcke January 21, 2012 um 10:21 am

But is only one of the shops I get switched to? I was switched to Kobo and most of my books (I de-DRMed them anyway and saved them twice, so no loss) where not transferred.
Kobo does not offer good sorting (e.g. date newest release books first ), I do not like their website and shop. And they do not have certain books I want to buy. I will try Uncover.

Nate the Great January 21, 2012 um 10:39 am

If not all your ebooks were transferred then yes, they re probably here.

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