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Monday Morning Coffee – 27 July 2020

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.


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Allen F July 28, 2020 um 4:57 pm

The A9 was a fun/funny read – and just what those snake-oil sales drones don’t want you knowing. 😉

Robert Nagle July 29, 2020 um 11:58 am

I’ve commented before about CDL. First, there was a time limit imposed on the limitless borrows, which would strike one as reasonable for the circumstances. Second, if you’re going to link to law students from outside the US, why not also link to white papers by US law professors on the topic?

Third, you might not realize this, but some library systems have shut down Interlibrary loans for several months I had several requests I needed to make related to research, but I’ve basically had to wait. (I just checked my main library — thankfully, ILL is now working again). No ILL was really inconvenient to me — though most of the things I needed were articles from old journals and not actually books.

Nate Hoffelder July 29, 2020 um 3:03 pm

Except CDL is not that relevant here given that the IA basically threw it away when they started lending without restrictions.

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