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Morning Coffee – 11 February 2019

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

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Mike Cane February 11, 2019 um 7:47 am

The deteriorating state of Google Books is very sad. In France, it’d be considered a crime against culture. AFAIK, ScanOps has been gone for quite some time, nothing new is being added, and Google’s latter leadership probably wishes it was something they never embarked upon. If I ever had a "dream job," it’d be to be in charge of Google Books and fix all the damn things I’ve personally encountered as broken — as well as to liberate the new tranche of books that are now public domain. I’d also sic the lawyers on the goddammed public domain parasites that DMCA away the freebies and kick them all the hell out of Google Books. Vote for me for Google Books Dictator. I will give it the glory it deserves,

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