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Morning Coffee – 13 January 2019

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

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Disgusting Dude January 13, 2020 um 9:14 am

500 ebooks is big?
Really? He must be new to the game.

BAEN bundles alone add up to over a thousand in less than a decade.
Gutenberg images offer tens of thousands in a singke download.
(Well, used to, anyway.)

And between permafree and promos getting 500 commercial books is trivial.
and most ereaders have no trouble managing a few thousand. onboard.
Some can even handle the full Gutenberg libraries and more.

Nate Hoffelder January 13, 2020 um 10:15 am

Well, 500 is about the point where you need to develop the rules and policies for growing all the way to a 5k ebook library.

lumpynose January 13, 2020 um 1:46 pm

Yes/No column for books I’ve finished; what a great idea. I should have thought of that; I was using a tag.

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