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Gordon Horne March 13, 2019 um 1:50 pm

I find many statements in the Sandra Newman piece questionable. In the end I am struck by the discontinuity of someone writing, "Eat spaghetti with ketchup and live on your parents’ sofa and speak truth to power." while having every one of their books published within the traditional system.

Chris Lopes March 13, 2019 um 3:42 pm

There is nothing special about writing or being a writer that entitles you to a middle class income. If you are going to write for a living, you have to write what people want to read, not just what your muse tells you to write. Writing is a job just like driving a bus or digging ditches.

@Gordon Horne
Yeah, she seems fixated with traditional publishing. That goes with her wanting to be a "real" writer. Going indie might be more profitable, but it would lack the status.

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