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Morning Coffee – 15 July 2019

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

  • The ALA is alarmed over the recent changes to the library ebook pricing model.
  • China’s 24-hour unstaffed bookstore launches
  • Oh, no – Another fool thinks Apple should make an ereader.
  • This author wasted 20 years of his life with trad pub before finally striking gold.  "The product was consistently excellent, but for 20 years publishers failed him. No publicity, no marketing, terrible covers, no book tours. He had zero support."

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Tyrean Martinson July 15, 2019 um 3:24 pm

Thanks for the links!

Peter Winkler July 15, 2019 um 3:27 pm

The last story you linked tells a Cinderella story that takes place wholly within the framework of traditional publishing. Salerno, the agent, solicited McKinty to write a novel and he struck gold when Paramount Pictures bought the film rights.

Nate Hoffelder July 15, 2019 um 4:41 pm

yep – I didn’t frame it very well

Richard Hershberger July 16, 2019 um 9:22 am

I was just coming in to say the same thing. This is a story about catching a break within traditional publishing, not about traditional versus self publishing. Specifically, it is a story about catching a break by catching the attention of a high profile person who gives you a hand. This could apply to self publishing just as well.

Mike Cane July 16, 2019 um 8:21 am

Adrian McKinty! You should have mentioned his name. I clicked it out of curiosity but would have gone immediately to it if you had mentioned his name! Winkelr’s comment is right. Even so, I’m happy for McKinty. But now I wonder how many others like him are out there. Award-winning yet flat damn broke.

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