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Morning Coffee – 21 December 2018

Here are a few stories to read this Friday morning.

  • If you think the Kindle Store is a mess with bots punishing innocent authors, go check out what The Verge says about Amazon’s Marketplace. 
  • David Kudler explains the difference between copyrights and licenses. 
  • Samuel Levy explains how WordPress Gutenberg went wrong: it wasn’t the tech so much as poor communication and other mismanagement by the people running the project. 
  • Craig Mod points out how the next evolution of the book wasn’t a change in content, as many expected, so much as a change in infrastructure and architecture. 
  • The US agency responsible for enforcing anti-counterfeiting laws doesn’t know the difference between copyright and trademark. 


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Richard Hershberger December 24, 2018 um 11:23 am

That Verge piece on Amazon was a real eye-opener. It isn’t clear to me how widespread these shenanigans are, but it drives home my frequent point that any business model that begins with "rely on Amazon" is liable to being suddenly and unpredictably exploded. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, but make contingency plans. Don’t assume that the model is stable.

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