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Luke June 21, 2019 um 9:56 pm

Love your website and your witty insights, Nate. I just wish you’d stop referring to book collectors as hoarders. It’s come up several times in your posts in the past. What exactly do you see wrong with people collecting books, I’m curious? The term 'hoarder' has quite a negative connotation, and I think you’d agree that searching the internet for that word will yield vastly different images than what you see and read about in the article about this man. Yes… I would be a 'hoarder' myself, by your definition, worse even than this man. However, he seems very well balanced. What I see in the photo is not the disorganized, debilitating clutter of nonsensical items which become a physical and lifestyle hazard for people that is typically associated with hoarding. I admit that he does seem to have a broader scope on what he collects, but I see many older, leather bound volumes, signed first editions, etc. If you’ve got the space, time, and money, why not have a book collection, even if it is thousands of volumes? Reading your blog, it is evident you care about books and the promotion of literacy and 'literary common sense', so why pick on folks who collect books? Many books, even those which might have once been quite common, have survived through the ages as valuable antiques through numerous personal collections which have been either handed down, auctioned, or donated.

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