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Morning Coffee – 22 March 2021

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

P.S. If you need a tech VA or help with your website, email me at [email protected]. Got a story that I should include in next week’s list? Shoot me an email.

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Allen F March 22, 2021 um 2:36 pm

On the ABA whitepaper, I’d be more convinced if the DoJ was actively looking into it. FUD seems to be all the ADS crowd can come up with to explain why Amazon is eating their lunch – after all, it can’t be because the current Amazon business model makes the most buyers and sellers happy without having to actually break any laws.

Let’s face it, Trump hated (and still hates) Jeff, but couldn’t come up with one thing that the courts would bother to look at against Amazon? Sorry, but if you could somehow remove/filter out the hand-waving and fake news you’ll just be left with ABA FUD …

Disgusting Dude March 23, 2021 um 12:04 pm

The ABA crowd just can’t grasp that with only 5% of the market spread among them they don’t much matter to the big publishers or that as long as the publishers tie wholesale price to order volume their costs will always be higher than the costs of the Barnes and Nobles and Amazons of the world. It was so before Amazon when Borders and B&J put 70% of them out of business and it will remain that way until they can show enough sales volume to matter. Ways exist but they’re too blind to even think of them.

Francisco Hirsch March 23, 2021 um 7:20 pm

I also would like to know Who the hell fills their bathroom with books?”
But unfortunately al I get is an error page

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