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Morning Coffee – 25 March 2016

25949486731_cd8248b1c0_oHere are nine stories to read this morning.

  1. Books for People Who Don’t Read (Annoyed Librarian)
  2. Fifty Shades of Grey: the book you literally can’t give away (The Guardian)
  3. Google News could be forced out of Europe (TNW)
  4. How to Set Up iCloud for iBooks (And Why You Shouldn’t) | The Digital Reader
  5. Judge Rejects Film Producer’s Bid to Have Buck Rogers Character Declared in Public Domain (Hollywood Reporter)
  6. Literary prizes exclude writers outside the campus gates ()
  7. Stig Abell: 'The pleasure of reading Shakespeare trumps watching his plays' (The Independent)
  8. Textbook project illustrates divide between NMC faculty and administration (Interlochen)
  9. Will Artificial Intelligence Take Writing Jobs Away from Content Marketers? (Skyword)

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fjtorres March 25, 2016 um 7:27 am

The Buck Rogers (actually, Anthony Rogers–the nickname comes from the comic strip, not the original novel) issue is easy to address: write a short story sequel to the novel. Indie pub it at BPH prices so it won’t sell. Then resubmit to the court.
Not much risk if they lose and it removes the immediacy objection.

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