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Morning Coffee – 25 March 2019

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

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Richard Hershberger March 26, 2019 um 9:28 am

Podcast bubble: The piece is really about how much podcasts can be monetized, and if the outfits doing his are overpriced. So the bubble, if such it is, is a monetization bubble. This is not quite the same thing as a podcast bubble.

Richard Hershberger March 26, 2019 um 9:44 am

Lithub’s headline notwithstanding, the Gutenberg Bible probably isn’t the most expensive book. It’s hard to say, because they come on the market so rarely, but there are a fair number of copies extant, which brings the price down. One sold for 4.6 million Euros in 1987. By way of comparison, a copy of the Bay Psalm Book, the first book printed in British North America, sold for 13.4 million in 2013. What would a Gutenberg go for today? Who knows? And this is only counting printed books. If we include older manuscript codexes, all bets are off.

Peter Winkler March 26, 2019 um 8:13 pm

"Democrat Party" is bad usage. "Democrat" is a noun, not an adjective, and cannot be used to modify the word "Party", which is also a noun. "Republic Party" would also be incorrect usage, for the same reason.

Nate Hoffelder March 26, 2019 um 8:30 pm

I didn’t use the word "party".

In any case, all I really wanted was to poke fun at how early they are ruining for prescient.

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