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Morning Coffee – 3 August 2020

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

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Ros Jackson August 5, 2020 um 9:07 am

Whilst the AAP statistics are historically interesting, what will be really notable is the current data as lockdown is increasingly lifted. That’s when we’ll know the extent of the bounce back to people buying books in bookshops, versus retaining new digital reading habits. And also how that settles down, after you account for the effect of several months of pent up demand.

Disgusting Dude August 5, 2020 um 11:06 am

More interesting is how many B&M bookstores don’t survive.
The body count is going to be high.
For that matter, I recently saw a guy wondering about Hudson airport newstands. Air travel volume isn’t returning any time soon and it is particularly susceptible to ebook penetration. People used to ebooks might not abandon paper competely but the massless aspect is particularly appealing on travel.

Roland Denzel August 8, 2020 um 8:19 am

Yeah, I don’t see why they didn’t at least mention it. Many recent reports from 2020 have shown that online book sales, indie book sales, and ebook sales have all continued to rise during the pandemic, while traditional, physical books, which rely on stores and warehouses, are down.

We won’t have the 'official' data that compares apples to apples for some time. A lot of outlets ignore data that comes from newer sources, unfortunately.

Roland Denzel August 8, 2020 um 8:11 am

Thanks for sharing my blog post, Nate!

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