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Morning Coffee Can’t Be Brewed At This Time

Due to ongoing internet connectivity issues, I won’t be able to post the next morning coffee post.

The problem is that Comcast’s system keeps breaking every time it gets too cold. This means I have internet when everything warms up during the day,  but then lose it again in the evening.

Three techs have come out, and each time they swear they fixed the problem, and yet here I am, typing a post on my phone.

The, Comcast, The.

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Mary January 31, 2019 um 7:38 pm

Help is on the way. The temperatures are rising, at least here in the Chicago area. I, too,, have Comcast, but have not experienced the problems you mention which are caused by the cold. I would truly have lost my mind during this polar vortex if there had been any problems with my internet, as I have been stuck inside for several days.

Lyn February 1, 2019 um 10:18 am

So sorry you are having troubles, Nate. The extreme cold is not good for anything. Mary says it’s going to warm up soon. Look forward to seeing your posts when that happens.

Kellie S Sharpe February 1, 2019 um 6:05 pm

Ditto HughesNet, with similar issues plus very limited data. I feel your pain.

DaveMich February 1, 2019 um 6:48 pm

Can’t you do like they do with the train tracks, and set your cable switchbox on fire?

Nate Hoffelder February 1, 2019 um 8:59 pm

First I’d want to strap a Comcast tech to the box.

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