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Mr. Reader for iPad Updated With New Support for Additional News Reader Services

mr readerOne of the best news reader apps for the iPad just got better. The developers behind Mr. Reader rolled out a new update earlier this week with bug fixes, improvements, and several new features.

In addition to specific improvements that help Feedly, Tumblr, Pinboard, and Fever, Mr Reader also gained new support for a trio of outside services.

Mr Reader now supports the InoReader, SubReader, and ToWatchList. The first 2 are news readers that I have mentioned on this blog; they’re not bad but they’re not my preferred service. But the third name, ToWatchList, was a surprise.

That is a save-for-later service that lets you build a playlist of videos that you found on Vimeo, Youtube, and the like. It’s like Pocket, only more focused, and it is essentially a bookmarking service for videos. I think it is a great addition for Mr Reader; it saves me having to leave this app just to watch a video I bookmarked.

I tried out Mr Reader a few weeks back and if I used my iPad more this would definitely be my preferred news reader app. It supports a number of news readers, including BazQux, Feedly, Fever, FeedBin, FeedHQ, and Feed Wrangler.

This app costs $4, which is a rather steep price considering that many of its competition are free, but I think it’s worth it. And so do most of its users; it has a 5 star rating in iTunes.


[NEW FEATURES] • InoReader and SubReader as additional RSS sync services added
• The Google Reader login with editable API endpoint can be enabled by a URL scheme. Please contact me in case you are developing a service with a Google Reader compatible API and want to test it against Mr. Reader.
• Added the video (YouTube and Vimeo) collecting service ToWatchList

[IMPROVEMENTS] • Theme management extended: There is a new settings group to enable/disable and to reorder themes.
• Fever: Auth cookie name is editable. Necessary when you have problems marking articles as read.
• Pinboard: New option to send without showing the dialog first
• Tumblr: New option to post in Markdown
• Feedly: Using a new API method to rename tags
• Articles table sorting improved. Especially when sort by 'Oldest First' is used.

[FIXES] • Overall error handling improved
• Possible crash fixed while adding new sync service accounts
• The Fever server URL is editable again 🙁
• Feedly: Added a workaround for subscriptions without a title (usually created by ReadKit)


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Paul August 28, 2013 um 10:09 am

$4 is the price of a starbucks, so its not that expensive compared to the capabilities we get.

Robert Nagle August 28, 2013 um 11:28 am

Mr. Reader is a great RSS Reader. I’ve been using them for years, and post Google Reader, they’ve even got better.

Steve November 23, 2013 um 8:45 am

$4 is too expensive? Ridiculous.

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