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Mr Reader Updated With New Fonts, iOS 7 Background Updating

The app_icon_mrreader_176[1]developers of Mr Reader have rolled out a new update this week  with new features and full support for iOS7.

Don’t look now but the best news reader app for the iPad just got better.

Mr Reader now supports the background updates option (iOS7 required), meaning that you’ll no longer have to tell it to check for new content; instead the latest articles will be waiting whenever you open the app. In addition to 3 new fonts, the app now has a cleaner interface which (based on the screen shots) is as flat as the rest of iOS7.

The app has also gained (partial) support for Aol Reader; users of that service can join BazQux, Feedly, Fever, FeedBin, InoReader, SubReader, FeedHQ, and Feed Wrangler users in following and sharing the news on the highest rated news reader app. And that’s not all; readers have a new Facebook sharing option (friend of friend) and they can now add an article to their Safari reading list.


This app first crossed my desk back in August when I reviewed a handful of news reader apps. Of the 5 apps for Android and iOS that I bought, Mr Reader was clearly the best of the bunch. I have been using it quite a bit over the past couple months as I have grown to appreciate catching up on the news before betting out of bed in the morning.

Mr. Reader 3.0 is a free upgrade for existing users, and sells for only $4. It’s worth getting, IMO.


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travis December 7, 2013 um 11:10 pm

Open site button seems to be working now. It led me back here.

Nate Hoffelder December 7, 2013 um 11:12 pm

That’s strange; it still doesn’t work for me.

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